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Here at The Podiatry Surgery, we strive to find the cause of your symptoms – not just treat them. Why do you keep getting pain in the ball of your foot? Why are those calluses/corns forming? Why do you suffer from ankle sprains, or Achilles tendon injuries? etc.

These issues may be caused by the way we move, our genetic make-up, previous injuries, incorrect footwear, illnesses such as Arthritis and so on. Muscle imbalance in the lower limbs, hips, pelvis, lower back and upper body can cause all sorts of problems due to the way our bodies compensate. The pain may be felt in our feet, but the cause may be further up the skeletal system.

Our examinations can produce results which pinpoint the origin of your symptoms and from there we seek to make changes to reduce and/or eliminate them.

We use specialist equipment to improve the overall outcome of assessments. Comparing the results of the individual examinations (physical, biomechanical, video gait analysis, pressure plate) will allow us to hone in on the cause of any injury. We talk you through our findings so that you too can understand the results of these assessments, helping you to commit to any rehabilitation programme, keeping you on track and focused on recovery.

Biomechanical Screening

The patient undergoes an assessment of the feet, ankles, legs, hips and back, checking the range of motion of certain joints which will highlight skeletal areas that are not functioning properly thereby leading us to a treatment plan which may include exercises, manual therapy, orthotics or specialist advice from another qualified professional.

Video Gait/Movement Analysis

This provides visual help in diagnosing the cause of conditions and is a valuable tool to show patients a ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatment display. Software from Silicon Coach is used to show the patient’s gait on a treadmill in normal or slow motion, or frame-by-frame, from which measurements can be taken to highlight areas of significance and promote a specific treatment plan.

Additionally, posture and motion is captured whilst carrying out specific movements to provide a full overview and promote a specific treatment plan.

Am-Cube Footwork Pro Capacitive Plantar Pressure Plate

This software provides detailed and professional results almost instantly, meaning that we can produce your diagnosis with a clearer understanding of foot function during dynamic gait - its timing, behaviour, asymmetry and pressure. Statically, the Footwork Pro plantar pressure plate can evaluate posture, balance and sway.    


These are devices that are designed to fit into our footwear (like special insoles) and promote the structural integrity of the joints of our feet and legs to help improve mobility. There are lots of different types on the market, and it is important that your orthotics perform the right task for you as an individual. We only prescribe orthotics following a thorough review of your symptoms and this will include a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis.

We supply custom made orthotics directly from our premises to fulfil your requirements. Casts may be taken using either Foam Box impressions or via Printlab vacuum equipment.


Sports Injuries

A lot of activity related injuries are due to faulty mechanics of the feet and legs - the podiatrist’s knowledge of lower limb function can often resolve chronic or recurring sports injuries such as shin splints, illiotibial band syndrome, runner’s knee, ankle sprains, etc.

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