Routine chiropody.

A popular service comprising of nail trimming, removal of hard skin/corns and sanding of dry skin areas. This is completed with full moisturisation of the feet with massage. Foot health advice is discussed during the treatment session.


Foot health is more important to diabetic patients, so routine checks to ensure problems can be avoided or treated early are paramount. Checks for loss of sensation, temperature changes, vascular sufficiency, condition of nails, and any skin changes are all preventative actions during the screening process.


These are devices that are designed to fit into our footwear (like special insoles) and promote the structural integrity of the joints of our feet and legs to help improve mobility. There are lots of different types on the market, and it is important that your orthotics perform the right task for you as an individual. We only prescribe orthotics following a thorough review of your symptoms and this will include a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis. We supply custom made orthotics directly from our premises to fulfil your requirements.

Video Gait Analysis.

This provides visual help in diagnosing the cause of conditions and is a valuable tool to show patients a ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatment display. Software from Silicon Coach is used to show the patient’s gait on a treadmill in normal or slow motion, or frame-by-frame, from which measurements can be taken to highlight areas of significance and promote a specific treatment plan.

Sports Injuries.

A lot of activity related injuries are due to faulty mechanics of the feet and legs - the podiatrist’s knowledge of lower limb function can often resolve chronic or recurring sports injuries such as shin splints, illiotibial band syndrome, runner’s knee, ankle sprains, etc. We treat all types of sports people from walkers to golfers and all sorts of injuries!


This is used to treat the dreaded verrucae! Liquid Nitogen is used to freeze this viral infection, using either a contact probe or spray technique. Two or three freeze cycles may be used at each treatment session, depending on it’s location and size.

Biomechanical Screening.

The pain in your feet may be caused by a malfunction elsewhere in the body. The patient undergoes an assessment of the back, pelvis, legs ankle and feet, checking the range of motion of certain joints which will highlight skeletal areas that are not functioning properly thereby leading us to a precise treatment plan which may include exercises, manual therapy, orthotics or specialist advice from another  qualified professional.